Flathead Valley Neighbors:

For over 35 years, our organization has helped Montana families with pediatric-related costs. Our success is largely due to the effort of the local community. Hundreds of people across the Valley have helped us achieve our goal by donating their time and money. It’s time we return the favor.

Today we are all met by a new challenge. I think it’s safe to say that none of us would have ever dreamt what we would be facing with COVID 19. This global pandemic has had an incredible effect on our lives physically, emotionally, and financially. During these uncertain times, we must all do our part to stay safe.  We also need to help our family, friends, and neighbors as best as we can. As a member of the Flathead community, For the Children, Inc. would like to do our part.  We have set up a special Service Industry Relief fund.  This fund offers $200 Super 1 Foods gift cards to families who have been hit hard by the effects of COVID 19.  Please see below for qualifications.

It’s our hope that we can ease a small amount of burden for our neighbors who may need a little help to get through these times.

Stay safe and together we can make a difference,


Doug Betters
Founder and President

Service Industry Relief Fund

Offering one $200 Super 1 gift card per family

Qualifications for eligibility

Family must have:

  • At least one child under 18 years living in the household
  • Family resides in Flathead County
  • At least one parent employed by a business in the service industry located in Flathead County.
  • Service industry includes food/beverage establishments and Whitefish Mountain Resort.
  • Parent must be either laid-off or had work hours reduced in response to COVID 19.
  • Family income is expected to significantly decrease due to lay off or reduced hours.


Please click here to submit a brief online application.

Online Application

All applications will be confidential and processed in the order it was received.

 Special thanks for Super 1 Foods for your support!